Journals about oncology
Russian journals

Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
Section: Oncology
12 issues per year

Bulletin of Moscow Oncological Society
ISSN 1728-3000, 12 issues per year, full texts

Clinical Oncology
6 issues per year

Section: Oncology
Published by All-Union Research Institute of medical information (VNIIMI) in 1967-1991 monthly

Journal of Abstracts
Section: Oncology
Issues of section: Clinical Oncology, Oncology (Therapy of Tumors), Experimental Oncology
Published by All-Russian Institute of scientific and technical information (VINITI)

Medical Journal of Abstracts
Section: Clinical Oncology, Medical Radiology, Rontgenology
Published by VNIIMI in 1960-1991 monthly

Medicine and care of public health (Review)
Section: Oncology
Published by VNIIMI in 1976-1990, 4 issues per year

Modern Oncology
4 issues per year, full texts

ISSN 2305-218X, 6 issues per year, table of contents, abstracts

Practical Oncology
ISSN 1726-9814, 4 issues per year, full texts

Problems in Oncology
ISSN 0507-3758, 6 issues per year, table of contents

Results of Science and Technics (Review)
Section: Oncology
Published by VINITI in 1966-1993

Russian Journal of Oncology
ISSN 1028-9984, 6 issues per year, table of contents, abstracts
achievements in the field of clinical and experimental oncology, practical problems of diagnosis, combined and complex treatment of malignant tumors, scientific organization of cancer control

Russian Medical Journal
ISSN 1382-4368, 24 issues per year, full texts

Siberian Journal of Oncology
ISSN 1814-4861, 4 issues per year, full texts
clinical and experimental oncology

Together Against Cancer. For physicians of all specialties
4 issues per year
problems of prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of cancer

Together Against Cancer. For patients and their relatives
ISSN 1819-8996, 4 issues per year
information on various cancers, clinics and organizations that can help, practical recommendations how to prepare to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

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