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European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society (EMSOS)
advances the science and practice of the diagnosis and treatment of bone and soft tissue tumours; promotes basic and clinical research; disseminates knowledge in order to provide a common high standard of musculo-skeletal oncology

Sarcoma Patients EuroNet Association (SPAEN) Bad Nauheim, Germany
European network of sarcoma, GIST and desmoid patient advocacy groups


Associazione Aurora Tomaselli Rome

Associazione Italiana Studio Osteosarcoma (AISOS) Rome

Associazione Mario Campanacci Bologna

Associazione Molla l'Osso Gallarate

Associazione Paola per i tumori muscolo-scheletrici Udine

Associazione pazienti oncologici dell'aparato muscolo-scheletrico (RUKIJE) Zagarolo

Trust Paola Gonzato


Asociación Española de Afectados por Sarcomas (AEAS) Madrid

Fundación María García Estrada Los Realejos
financing and creating research programmes to enhance the knowledge of soft tissues sarcoma

Other countries

Sarkomer Oslo, Norway

Stichting Sarcoma Nederland Netherlands

Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Chorym na Miesaki Warsaw, Poland

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