Psychosocial Oncology
Associations, foundations, societies - Europe
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Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Psychoonkologie (PSO) Leipzig

German Association of Psycho-Social Oncology (DAPO) Münster
advances psychosocial oncology in counselling, therapy and research


Instellingen PsychoSociale Oncologie (IPSO) Utrecht

Netherlands Psychosocial Oncology Society (NVPO) Amsterdam


Fundacja Psychoonkologii "Ogrod Nadziei" Warsaw

Polskie Towarzystwo Psychoonkologiczne (PTPO) Gdansk


Asociación de Psicooncología de Madrid (APSOM) Madrid

Sociedad Española de Psicooncología (SEPO) Seville

Other countries

Academia Portuguesa de Psico-Oncologia (APPO) Lisbon, Portugal

British Psychosocial Oncology Society (BPOS) UK
advances education and research in psychosocial oncology

Bulgarian Association of Psycho-Oncology (BAPO) Sofia, Bulgaria
promotes the Psycho-Oncology in Bulgaria in order to make the psychological support an integral part of cancer treatment

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Psychoonkologie (ÖGPO) Schwechat, Austria

Psychosocial Oncology Association (POA) Vilnius, Lithuania
develops the field of psychosocial oncology in Lithuania, aims to ensure better life quality for cancer patients in psychosocial field

Societa Italiana di Psico-Oncologia (SIPO) Bologna, Italy

Société Française de Psycho-Oncologie (SFPO) Paris, France

Swiss Society of Psycho-Oncology (SSPO) Bern, Switzerland

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