Prostate Cancer
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State-Level/Local Organizations

Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation Little Rock, AR
raises the awareness of the high risk of prostate cancer; supports educational, early detection, research and treatment programs and facilities throughout the state

Central Ohio Men Against Prostate Cancer (COMAPC) Dublin, OH
increases prostate cancer awareness and routine screening through education, support, and advocacy across cultural and economic barriers

Delaware Prostate Cancer Coalition (DPCC) Dover, DE
provides support to existing prostate cancer organizations, serves as a collective and collaborative voice to make prostate cancer a national health care priority

Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition (GPCC) Alpharetta, GA
increases prostate cancer awareness, advocacy and information exchange

Hawaii Prostate Cancer Coalition (HPCC) Aiea, HI
advocates awareness, resources, and information about prostate cancer to men and their families

Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer (MCFPC) Augusta, ME
ending the devastating impact of prostate cancer on men, their loved ones and the State of Maine

Massachusetts Prostate Cancer Coalition (MPCC) Boston, MA
providing information and education on prostate cancer for newly diagnosed individuals, survivors and their families as well as for health care professionals

Minnesota Prostate Cancer Coalition (MNPCC) Minneapolis, MN
enlightens, educates, supports and advocates for men, and their caregivers, as they face the prospects of diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer

New York State Prostate Cancer Coalition NY
prostate cancer screening; research funding; education and awareness about patients' treatment choices; efforts to improve patients' access to clinical trials

Pennsylvania Prostate Cancer Coalition PA
prostate cancer awareness, education and the advocacy of responsible screening

Prostate Cancer Coalition of New Hampshire (PCCNH) NH
promoting public awareness and education; encouraging informed decision-making regarding detection, treatment, and support; partnering with the medical community in the state

Prostate Cancer Coalition of North Carolina (PCCNC) Research Triangle Park, NC
raising awareness of prostate cancer; promoting actions to battle this disease; uniting and coordinating our efforts to increase the effectiveness of those affected or concerned about prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Support Association of New Mexico (PCSANM) Albuquerque, NM
provides support, education, and encouragement to men and their families throughout New Mexico in making informed choices for the detection and management of prostate cancer

Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition (WSPCC) Mill Creek, WA
disseminating information, advocating for the highest quality of life for prostate cancer patients, performing outreach to and involving the communities, overcoming cultural barriers to proper care and treatment, encouraging prostate cancer research

State-Level/Local Organizations - California

California Prostate Cancer Coalition (CPCC) La Jolla, CA
making prostate cancer a key public health care priority in California

IMPACT Los Angeles, CA
provide high quality free prostate cancer treatment to Californian men with little or no health insurance.

State-Level/Local Organizations - Texas

North Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition (NTXPCC) TX
coordinates between prostate cancer support groups within the North Texas Communities, providing information on prostate cancer and on important local events


Artificial Neural Networks in Prostate Cancer (ANNs in CaP) Project Denver, CO
develops and implements novel artificial intelligence technologies to improve the diagnosis of and therapy for prostate cancer

Dattoli Cancer Foundation (DCF) Sarasota, FL
provides prostate cancer information, support, and literature

Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group (IPCSG)
communicating timely and reliable information that enables informed choices regarding detection and treatment of prostate cancer

Malecare New York, NY
provides free prostate cancer lectures, workshops and support groups in the USA

National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer Coalitions (NASPCC) La Jolla, CA
provides support to existing state prostate cancer organizations; facilitates the development of new state prostate cancer organizations; serves as a collective and collaborative voice to make prostate cancer a national health care priority

Patient Advocates for Advanced Cancer Treatments (PAACT) Sparta, MI
provides information, support and literature about prostate cancer

Prostate Awareness Foundation (PAF) San Francisco, CA
offers information, support, and education about the treatment options available to those with prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) Santa Monica, CA
funds high-impact research to find better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation (PC-REF) La Mesa, CA
provides seed money for innovative research to seek out new diagnostic and therapeutic tools; provides support to patients and loved ones; provides education to the general public with the goal of increasing awareness of prostate cancer, its management and the need for patient involvement in treatment decisions

Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) Culver City, CA
supporting research; disseminating information that educates and empowers patients, families and the medical community

Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC) Centennial, CO
awareness and the education of men, the women in their lives, as well as the medical community about prostate cancer prevalence, the importance of early detection, and available treatment options, as well as other men's health issues

Robert Benjamin Ablin Foundation for Cancer Research Tucson, AZ
development and improvement of methods of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of prostate cancer

Us Too ! Des Plaines, IL
providing education and support programs (network of more than 300 support groups); advocacy
Us Too New York New York, NY

Women Against Prostate Cancer (WAPC) Washington, DC
advocates prostate cancer education, public awareness, screenings, legislation, and treatment options

ZERO (The Project to End Prostate Cancer) Washington, DC
increases research funds from the federal government to find new treatments; funds local grants to end prostate cancer through national event series; conducts free testing through the Drive Against Prostate Cancer mobile testing program; educates patients, families and those at-risk

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