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Kidney Cancer Journal
Journal of Kidney Cancer Association (KCA)
4 issues per year, full texts
advances in the diagnosis and treatment of renal cell carcinoma

Associations, foundations, societies

International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC)
global collaboration of patient organisations that empowers and represents the kidney cancer community through advocacy, awareness, information and research

Juliet Ibrahim Foundation Ghana
creating awareness on kidney diseases, kidney cancer, malaria, HIV AIDS, Ebola

Kidney Cancer Association (KCA) Evanston, IL, USA
funds, promotes and collaborates on research projects; educates physicians and patients about kidney cancer; advocates at the federal and state levels on behalf of patient interests

Kidney Cancer Canada (KCC) Keswick, ON, Canada
advocates for access to new treatments, provides support and information to patients, funds much-needed kidney cancer research, and works to increase awareness of kidney cancer as a significant health issue

Cooperative research groups

International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP)
Renal Tumour Study Group (SIOP-RTSG)

Réseau Français de Recherche sur le Cancer du Rein (UroCCR) Bordeaux, France

Newsgroups, mailing lists

ACOR (Association of Cancer Online Resources) Groups
KIDNEY-ONC (Kidney Cancer Support Group)

Other Kidney Cancer Kidney Cancer

Mayo Clinic, USA Kidney Cancer

MedicineNet Kidney Cancer

MedlinePlus Kidney Cancer

National Cancer Institute (NCI), USA Kidney Cancer

OncoLink Kidney Cancer

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