Gynecologic Cancer
Cooperative Research Groups
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Epidemiology of Endometrial Cancer Consortium (E2C2)
NCI-supported consortium dedicated to studying the etiology of endometrial cancer through collaboration among investigators


AGO Studiengruppe Wiesbaden, Germany

Belgian Gynaecological Oncology Group (BGOG) Leuven, Belgium

European Network of Gynaecological Oncological Trial Groups (ENGOT)

European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) - Brussels, Belgium
Gynaecological Cancer Group (GCG)

Mario Negri Gynecologic Oncology group (MaNGO) Italy

Polska Grupa Onkologii Ginekologicznej (PGOG) Warsaw, Poland

Scottish Gynaecological Clinical Trials Group (SGCTG) Glasgow, UK


Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) Camperdown, NSW, Australia

Cochrane Gynaecological, Neuro-oncology & Orphan Cancer Group (CGNOC) Bath, UK

Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) Philadelphia, PA, USA

Japanese Gynecologic Oncology Group (JGOG) Japan

Korean Gynecologic Oncology Group (KGOG) Seoul, Korea

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