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Associations, foundations, societies

American Bladder Cancer Society (ABLCS) Dalton, MA, USA
raises awareness among the general public and the medical community; advocates the advance of research into a cure, treatment, early diagnosis and quality of life issues of survivors; supports bladder cancer survivors by providing community as well as by encouraging the concept of informed medical consumerism

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) Bethesda, MD, USA
first national advocacy organization dedicated to improving public awareness of bladder cancer, and increasing research directed towards the diagnosis, treatment and cure of the disease

Bladder Cancer Canada (BCC) Toronto, ON, Canada
helps bladder cancer patients and their support teams address the day-to-day issues of this disease; increases awareness of bladder cancer among the general public and medical community; funds research which pursues the diagnosis, treatment and elimination of bladder cancer

Fight Bladder Cancer Chinnor, UK
supports people affected by bladder cancer, raises awareness, supports medical research

Pelican Cancer Foundation Basingstoke, UK
researches, develops and transfers life-saving and life-enhancing knowledge and skills to teams of cancer specialists, specifically for cancers in the pelvic region and the liver

Newsgroups, mailing lists

ACOR (Association of Cancer Online Resources) Groups
BLADDER-CANCER-CAFE (Bladder Cancer Support and Information)


Bladder Cancer WebCafe
presents information on treatment options for bladder cancer; helps direct users to further information via Web Bladder cancer

Mayo Clinic, USA Bladder Cancer

MedicineNet Bladder Cancer

MedlinePlus Bladder Cancer

National Cancer Institute (NCI), USA Bladder Cancer

OncoLink Bladder cancer

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