Cancer Registries
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Associations, programs

National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) Atlanta, GA
collects data on the occurrence of cancer; the type, extent, and location of the cancer; and the type of initial treatment

SEER (Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results) Program Bethesda, MD
most authoritative source of information on cancer incidence and survival in USA

Associations of cancer registrars

National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA) Alexandria, VA

Cancer Registrars Association of New England (CRANE)

Alabama Alabama Cancer Registrars Association (ACRA)
Arizona Cancer Registrars Association of Arizona (CRAAZ)
Arkansas Arkansas Cancer Registrars Association (ArCRA)
California California Cancer Registrars Association (CCRA)
Colorado Colorado Cancer Registrars Association (CCRA)
Connecticut Tumor Registrars Association of Connecticut (TRAC) Middletown, CT
Dakotas Cancer Registrars Association of the Dakotas (CRAD)
Delaware Delaware Cancer Registrars Association (DCRA)
Florida Florida Cancer Registrars Association (FCRA)
Georgia Georgia Tumor Registrars Association (GaTRA)
Illinois Cancer Registrars of Illinois (CRI)
Chicago Area Cancer Registrars Association (CACRA)
Indiana Indiana Cancer Registrars Association (ICRA)
Iowa Iowa Cancer Registrars Association (ICRA)
Louisiana Louisiana Cancer Registrars Association (LCRA)
Maryland Tumor Registrars Association of Maryland (TRAM)
Michigan Michigan Cancer Registrars Association (MICRA)
Minnesota Minnesota Cancer Registrars Association (MCRA) Minneapolis, MN
Missouri Missouri State Tumor Registrars Association (MoSTRA)
Nevada Nevada Cancer Registrars Association (NVCRA)
New Jersey Oncology Registrars Association of New Jersey (ORANJ)
New Mexico Tumor Registrars Association of New Mexico (TRANM)
New York New York Cancer Registrars Association (NYCRA)
North Carolina Association of North Carolina Cancer Registrars (ANCCR)
Ohio Ohio Cancer Registrars Association (OCRA)
Oklahoma Oklahoma Cancer Registrars Association (OCRA)
Oregon Oregon Cancer Registrars Association (OCRA)
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Association of Cancer Registrars (PACR) Harrisburg, PA
South Carolina South Carolina Cancer Registrars Association (SCCRA)
Tennessee Tennessee Oncology Data Analysts Association (TODAA)
Texas Texas Tumor Registrars Association (TxTRA) Red Oak, TX
Virginia Virginia Cancer Registrars Association (VCRA) New Canton, VA
Washington Washington State Tumor Registrars Association (WSTRA) Olympia, WA
Wisconsin Wisconsin Cancer Registrars Association (WCRA)

Registries of states

Alabama Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry (ASCR) Montgomery, AL
Alaska Alaska Cancer Registry (ACR) Anchorage, AK
Arizona Arizona Cancer Registry (ACR) Phoenix, AZ
Arkansas Arkansas Central Cancer Registry (ACCR) Little Rock, AR
California California Cancer Registry (CCR) Sacramento, CA
Colorado Colorado Central Cancer Registry Denver, CO
Connecticut Connecticut Tumor Registry (CTR) Hartford, CT
Delaware Delaware Cancer Registry Dover, DE
District of Columbia DC Cancer Registry (DCCC) Washington, DC
Florida Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS) Tallahassee, FL
Georgia Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics (GCCS) Atlanta, GA
Hawaii Hawaii Tumor Registry (HTR) Honolulu, HI
Idaho Cancer Data Registry of Idaho (CDRI) Boise, ID
Illinois Illinois State Cancer Registry (ISCR) Springfield, IL
Indiana Indiana State Cancer Registry (ISCR) Indianapolis, IN
Iowa Iowa Cancer Registry (ICR) Iowa City, IA
Kansas Kansas Cancer Registry (KCR) Kansas City, KS
Kentucky Kentucky Cancer Registry (KCR) Lexington, KY
Louisiana Louisiana Tumor Registry (LTR) New Orleans, LA
Maine Maine Cancer Registry (MCR) Augusta, ME
Maryland Maryland Cancer Registry (MCR) Baltimore, MD
Massachusetts Massachusetts Cancer Registry (MCR) Boston, MA
Michigan Michigan Cancer Surveillance Program (MCSP) Lansing, MI
Minnesota Minnesota Cancer Reporting System (MCRS) St. Paul, MN
Mississippi Mississippi Cancer Registry (MCR) Jackson, MS
Missouri Missouri Cancer Registry (MCR) Columbia, MO
Montana Montana Central Tumor Registry (MCTR) Helena, MT
Nebraska Nebraska Cancer Registry (NCR) Lincoln, NE
Nevada Nevada Central Cancer Registry (NCCR) Carson City, NV
New Hampshire New Hampshire State Cancer Registry (NHSCR) Hanover, NH
New Jersey New Jersey State Cancer Registry (NJSCR) Trenton, NJ
New Mexico New Mexico Tumor Registry (NMTR) Albuquerque, NM
New York New York State Cancer Registry (NYSCR) Albany, NY
North Carolina North Carolina Central Cancer Registry (CCR) Raleigh, NC
North Dakota North Dakota Statewide Cancer Registry (NDSCR) Grand Forks, ND
Ohio Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System (OCISS) Columbus, OH
Oklahoma Oklahoma Central Cancer Registry (OCCR) Oklahoma City, OK
Oregon Oregon State Cancer Registry (OSCaR) Portland, OR
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Cancer Registry (PCR) Harrisburg, PA
Rhode Island Rhode Island Cancer Registry (RICR) Providence, RI
South Carolina South Carolina Central Cancer Registry (SCCCR) Columbia, SC
South Dakota South Dakota Cancer Registry (SDCR) Pierre, SD
Tennessee Tennessee Cancer Registry (TCR) Nashville, TN
Texas Texas Cancer Registry (TCR) Austin, TX
Utah Utah Cancer Registry (UCR) Salt Lake City, UT
Vermont Vermont Cancer Registry (VCR) Burlington, VT
Virginia Virginia Cancer Registry (VCR) Richmond, VA
Washington Washington State Cancer Registry (WSCR) Olympia, WA
West Virginia West Virginia Cancer Registry (WVCR) Charleston, WV
Wisconsin Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System (WCRS) Madison, WI
Wyoming Wyoming Cancer Surveillance Program (WCSP) Cheyenne, WY

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